Subscribing to StockCharts

Subscribing to StockCharts


While it is possible to use many of our charting tools for free, serious investors will probably need to join StockCharts as a member in order to get the most out of our website.

Here are some examples of the limitations that exist for Free users but not for members:

  • Free users can only create charts based on Daily and Weekly data bars, with a maximum of 5 years of data
  • Free users cannot create charts with more than three technical indicators and/or overlays
  • Free users cannot create and save annotated charts for later review
  • Free users cannot create and run custom technical scans and alerts
  • Free users cannot read market commentary from John Murphy, Arthur Hill, or Martin Pring
  • and much more!

Becoming a StockCharts member lifts those restrictions and gives you access to the full power of our charting tools and full access to our technical experts.

Service Levels and Data Plans

It is important to understand that a account consists of 2 different components - the Service Level and one or more Data Plans (i.e., the exchange fees).

The Service Level is the combination of tools and services that we - - provide. Things like ChartLists, Technical Scans, Annotations, Market Commentary, Larger Charts, etc. are all features of your Service Level. We have three Service Levels - Basic, Extra and PRO. You can learn more about these Service Levels below.

A Data Plan provides real-time data for ticker symbols from a particular country. You can have zero or more Data Plans associated with your account. If you do not have a Data Plan for a particular country, the data for ticker symbols from that country will be delayed by 15 or more minutes UNLESS it is a US ticker symbol, in which case it will contain real-time data from the BATS exchange. 1)

We - - set the price for our Service Levels. The money you pay for the Service Level portion of your account goes towards maintaining and improving the website. Because we set the price for our Service Levels, we have much more flexibility when it comes to automatic renewals, price adjustments, discounts, etc.

Data Plans, on the other hand, are fees charged by the various exchanges that we get real-time data from. The cost of each Data Plan is controlled by the exchange(s) associated with it. We simply pass on all fees associated with Data Plans directly to the exchanges involved. Because of that, Data Plans are charged on a one-month, auto-renew basis and are non-refundable. Please note that we do have a free Data Plan as well as the various paid plans.

By combining a Service Level with various combinations of Data Plans, you can create a StockCharts account that is custom-tailored to your needs. Here are some examples:

  • A US-based investor who is just learning about the markets can select our Extra Service Level with the free real-time Data Plan. Later, they can upgrade to the US real-time Data Plan as their knowledge level grows.
  • A Canada-based investor might choose to combine real-time TSX data with our free BATS-based US real-time data.
  • A UK-based investor may choose to have real-time UK data and real-time India data combined with free delayed data from Canada and free BATS-based real-time data from the US.

Remember, the total cost of your subscription is a combination of the cost of the Service Level and the cost of whichever combination of Data Plans you select.

Service Level Differences

We have three different service levels. Here are the key differences between each of them:

  • Basic - our entry-level service that only allows you to store up to 500 charts in a single ChartList. Basic members also cannot create or run technical scans and alerts.
  • Extra - our standard service level that allows you to create up to 250 ChartLists, each of which can store up to 500 different charts. Extra members can also create and run technical scans and alerts.
  • Pro - Our premier service level with much more capacity than our Extra service. Pro members have up to 350 ChartLists and they can create much larger charts.

For people that are just starting out, we recommend our Extra service because it contains all of our key features including technical scans and alerts. Note that you can always upgrade or downgrade at any time.

For more detailed information on the differences between the service levels, check out our Service Level Matrix.

Becoming a Subscriber

There are several links on our website that can be used to sign up for our subscription service, including the ”Sign Up” link found in the upper right corner of all of our web pages.

We offer a 1-month free trial to all new subscribers. After completing the subscription process - during which you will need to enter a credit card number and complete any necessary exchange agreements - you can use any of our different services for free.

At any time during the trial period, you can cancel by clicking on the “Your Account” link located in the top right corner of any page, and then clicking the “Cancel Your Account” button.

During the trial period, you can freely upgrade or downgrade your account among any of the service levels we offer. At the end of your trial period, we will charge your credit card based on your most recently selected service level.

Note: The Free Trial Period is only available to new subscribers. It is not available to returning subscribers.

Membership Policies and Limitations

Our Membership Policies - including our policy on refunds, account sharing, account names and more.

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1) Click here for more information about BATS real-time data for US stocks.