ChartStyles and StyleButtons

ChartStyles and StyleButtons


ChartStyles are collections of SharpCharts settings that can be used as “templates” for creating new charts later. A ChartStyle contains all of the settings that you see below the chart on the SharpCharts Workbench page - the chart's period, date range, size, type, colors, overlays, indicators, etc. In fact, a ChartStyle contains everything about a SharpChart except its main ticker symbol.

Different ChartStyles are often created for different chart periods. Since it is common to use different indicators and parameter settings when changing from a 1-minute chart to a daily chart or a monthly chart, period-oriented ChartStyles are very common. Similarly, different styles for mutual funds, commodities and currencies are often also created.

By themselves, ChartStyles are not usable - they must be “applied” to a ticker symbol in order to chart a usable SharpChart. ChartStyles can be applied to a ticker symbol in a variety of ways (see below).

Members can save up to 50 different ChartStyles in their account. All saved ChartStyles are available via the “ChartStyles” dropdown located underneath the chart on the SharpCharts Workbench page.

Members can also assign up to 12 different ChartStyles to thin, gray “StyleButtons” that appear on the left side of the chart on the SharpCharts Workbench page. StyleButtons provide one-click access to your most used ChartStyles.

The Default ChartStyle

The Default ChartStyle is a special collection of settings that are used whenever you ask us to create a new chart from a ticker symbol. Examples include:

  • Typing a ticker symbol into the “Create a Chart” box and pressing “Go”
  • Clicking on a symbol in the Ticker Cloud
  • Clicking on a symbol in the Market Movers panel on the Members Dashboard
  • Clicking on a symbol in one of the Summary reports
  • Clicking on a symbol in a Scan Results list
  • etc.

Your Default ChartStyle should have settings that you find most useful when first looking at a new stock.

Members can create/modify their Default ChartStyle by clicking on the “Save As Default” link in the “ChartStyles” area of the SharpCharts Workbench.

Note: We recommend using a “Range” setting of “Fill the Chart” for your Default ChartStyle. The Range setting “Select Start/End” is specifically not recommended.

Creating and Managing ChartStyles

Under the main charting area in the SharpCharts Workbench, you will see the ChartStyle controls. These controls allow you to select and modify your ChartStyles. Use the dropdown list to select which style to apply to the current chart. The links following the dropdown are:

  • Save As Default - Saves the current chart settings as your Default ChartStyle (see above)
  • Add New - Adds the current settings as a new style
  • Replace - Replaces an existing ChartStyle with the current settings
  • Edit Properties - Changes the ChartStyle's name and/or StyleButton assignment
  • Delete - Deletes the ChartStyle

Members can also create ChartStyles by clicking the '+' symbol in the upper left of the chart.

Applying ChartStyles

There are multiple ways to apply a ChartStyle to an existing SharpChart.

When looking at a chart on the SharpCharts workbench, you can apply a different ChartStyle to it by using the “ChartStyles” dropdown located below the chart (see above) or by clicking one of your StyleButtons - i.e, one of the small gray rectangles located to the left of the chart (see below). Once you have applied a ChartStyle to a chart in the workbench, you can then save that chart into your account for later review.

You can also apply ChartStyles to previously saved charts. To change all of the saved charts in a ChartList so that they all have the same style settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the SharpCharts workbench page
  2. Select the ChartList that you want to modify from the “ChartList” dropdown at the top of the page
  3. Change whatever settings you want to change and click “Update” until the chart on the workbench has the settings that you want for all of the charts in your ChartList.
  4. Click the “Apply Style to All” button near the bottom of the workbench

You can also apply a ChartStyle to a subset of the charts in a ChartList by using Edit view.


StyleButtons are shortcuts which allow you to quickly apply your most commonly used styles with a single click from within the SharpCharts workbench. StyleButtons are gray rectangles that appear in the upper left corner by the top of the chart. Hovering over each box will display the name of the ChartStyle which it will apply. Clicking the '>' icon next to the upper left corner of the chart will show you your ChartStyles in a pull-out menu:

After clicking on the '>' icon, you can edit the order of your StyleButtons by dragging the style's striped box icon up or down with your mouse. All styles positioned above the “buttons” row will be displayed as StyleButtons on the workbench.

Click on the '<' icon to hide the panel when you are finished.

Members can create up to 50 different ChartStyles but are limited to having only 12 StyleButtons. We recommend only assigning buttons to your most used ChartStyles. Remember that all of your ChartStyles are available via the dropdown under the chart.

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